About me

Hi all,

Well, let’s start. I’m quite social person, I love meeting new people, spending time with my friends, parties, little, black coffee, earl gray tea, shopping and I’m crazy about long, hot baths. I hate scoring hot days, coconuts, and sea food. I’m just average, polish girl, well STOP average?! no one is average.  No one want to be average. Everyone is special, has something different, is talented in his (her)  own way. You ”only” ( sometimes is really hard, I know) have to find you talent, aim in life. Yyy ok there was my short digression, but now, getting down to business I’m also optimistic and not average, polish  girl. Want to know more?  Hear are some quickfacts:


Name: Hanna

Age: 16

Nationality: Poland

Hobbies: traveling, zumba, skiing, reading books, crafts, DIY

Color: violet

Music: pop, rock

Food: dumplings, pancakes, burrito

I’ve decided to take up writing, because I’ ve never done it before and I just want to try and check out if I am enough systematic (I hope I won’t show up there only once in blue moon) and good in it. Second thing is,  to be honest practicing my english, so if you see some mistakes please let me know( hanklaosi@gmail.com).

Bye HanKlaOsi

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