This blog is gonna be about…

Hello again,

I’ve already seen lots of blogs, video blogs, pages about UK and USA which I love, but today I want to tell you something about another country, which is maybe not the prettiest one, not the richest one and it isn’t very popular, maybe you don’t even know that it exist, but it’s still a nice place to visit, this country is Poland.

To be more precise about my blog I want show you how life here looks like,  share witch you information about polish traditions, cuisine, culture and customs. Here you will also find information about shops, restaurants, interesting places, and polish people.

Oh, you still there I’ m so glad that you haven’t get bored yet, I hope you will like it, because I want to show it in funny and interesting way. Everything there it’s just my point of view,  so if you have different opinion I will happily get to know it –      (

Bye  HanKlaOsi

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